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The Wealyhip


The Wealyhip® is an individual file of health, elaborated by his owner with his family’s help, his doctor, or his nurse.
Its working out depends only on the will of each to build himself his own Wealyhip® in the context of the responsible health prevention©.
The emergencies physicians, intervening or at home, or in the emergencies reception department, or still in SMUR[1] are frequently confronted with persons having heavy medical background historic. Too many times, physicians have not information or very few.

[1] Emergency Mobile Services and of Resuscitation (“Service Médical d’Urgence et de Reanimation” in French), branches of the EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE

An easy and efficient methodology

The suggested methodology is easy and fast. It takes only a short time to gather some information on your health and to organize them. The sheet of synthesis “Have a look on your health©”is free of charge.

A help on a day-to-day

The WEALYHIP® is composed of a sheet of synthesis « Have a look on your health” being able to help preciously either during a first consultation with a physician or in case of emergency.