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The VERTICALE association

In France 40 000 persons became paraplegic or quadriplegic because of car, work, sport accident, or other. Each year, 1 500 persons are condemned to wheelchair and 55 % are less than 25 years old.

VERTICALE ASSOCIATION has been created in 1991. Its name: “VERTICALE” is the symbol of the standing man. It is composed of voluntary workers, supported by partners.

VERTICALE ASSOCIATION has the mission to support the medical research on spinal cord’s injury, and more precisely to Professor Alain Privat and to his INSERM team from Montpellier.

Men and women fight to make research progress. To collect these gifts, the association’s members organize different demonstrations (meal with dance, concert, painting exhibition… and an annual humanitarian raid during 5 days, realized by a paraplegic sportsman wheelchair biker through different regions of France).

The collected funds are used to buy laboratory equipment. The VERTICALE ASSOCIATION pay invoices directly to the suppliers. That allows us to check all the purchases made with the gifts. Each donor who has made an equal or superior gift to 762€ receives a copy of the invoice of purchases for research. For gifts less than this sum, a receipt tax is sent. 

Geoffrey, a record in wheelchair

The Professeur Alain PRIVAT’s word: The research on spinal cord injuries moves towards three directions: 

The extension of the damages prevention: Thanks to VERTICALE ASSOCIATION, we nearly have the use of a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of last generation in Montpellier, dedicated to the little mammals. That will allow better conditions to target the neuro-protective molecules, by determining, in particular, the time window of their administration.

The axonal growing back: We have demonstrated the efficiency of a innovating therapeutic approach making intervene interferences RNA technique. Since January 2010, the next stage is tests on big mammals (pig), obligatory study, before a first clinical test.

The substitutive therapy: The modify genetically stem cells transplantation using (RESCUE european plan) open new prospect for the treatment of old damage.