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Why Wealyhip ?

Here are some of the advantages of the WEALYHIP.

It allows to :

  • Protect his health and his life ;
  • Review on tests of screening and prevention (electrocardiogram, blood test, vaccinations) ;
  • Inform the healthcare worker at home, including the replacements;
  • Contain a whole of important health documents which can be taken by a rescue team very quickly;
  • Supply all the useful medical information for the physician in case of emergency
  • Be cared in case of an accident, thanks to a copy of the sheet of synthesis arranged in the wallet in an optimal way ;
  • Travel quietness whatever is the country of destination … 
  • Make warn families or friends in case of problem ;
  • Secure the isolated or dependent elderly people ;

Thanks to its easy and cheap working out.


The Wealyhip® places a free datasheet “Have a look on your health”© at the disposal of you.

You can download the logo Wealyhip®, that’s free too.

The datasheet has to be updating regularly. That’s why it offers on a Word version, allowing you to print a paper exemplary (you eventually can fill and save it on your computer) and a computerized exemplary can be stored in your e-mail or your cellphone.