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The RESPONSIBLE HEALTH PREVENTION© is the honest and determined way that a person will take care of her own health and of her well being. The person is aware that she has to make some efforts to remain in the best state of health as possible by taking into account the quality of their hygiene of life, social and professional habits. She finds out about health prevention and looks to apply the simple rules at the disposal of herself by care workers.

When medicine only was at her beginning, a person with a good health was a mighty force. There used to be a precious ancestral know-how to maintain ourselves in good health. The disease frightened because treatments didn’t exist or were too rare. We have all heard about grandmother’s recipes and of her very famous cod-liver oil that we had to drink to be blessed with a robust constitution!

You undoubtedly know leprosy clinics where patients were rejected of the society to avoid contaminating the population. So, sanatoriums, kind of care centres or rest homes had been created for tuberculosis during the XIXe century to fight against the infectiousness of this real pain.

Today, the medical progress allows us to identify behaviours promoting diseases development (consumption of food, toxics, lack of hygiene or physical activity), and the mode of transmission of contagious diseases. Yet, the population information had failed. Even if the knowledge had been transmitted, behaviours haven’t changed. The sadder example is the spreading of AIDS virus, when a known and efficient prevention’s mean exist: the condom.

Why nowadays, in modern and industrial countries like in Europe or in north America, do people of all the ages, of all social levels and well-informed contaminate themselves with this sexually transmitted infection again?

What can we do?

Besides the culture, the religion and the different lifestyles, we have to admit, with full knowledges of the facts, that people often play Russian roulette with their health, not to say their life. We don’t recognize the health like a wealth that we can make bear fruit, but like a due.

Everybody admits the importance of being be in good health and we remind us each year on the first of January by wishing us « a happy new year and have a good health », but what do we do to preserve it?
Today, being in good health has become a normalcy quite ordinary and to become ill is considered unlucky, without nobody doing any soul searching. And yet numerous diseases are AVOIDABLE. They develop under the influence of different factors and each of us is subject to stress, overweight, compulsory vaccination not updating like tetanus vaccination, smoking, and others addictions. Plenty of easy and practical books will inform you about these subjects.

The medical world, care workers, and public services of state have an important part concerning information, but their work is doomed to failure if each of us don’t get involved with a honest and determined way will to take care of ourselves to stay in good health, that’s what we will call the RESPONSIBLE HEALTH PREVENTION©.

That’s to you readers (physicians and care workers too), who want to do this move of RESPONSIBLE HEALTH PREVENTION©, for you first, for your family for your relatives. It’s an easy move which can be very efficient if you decide it.

Do a parallel between the RESPONSIBLE HEALTH PREVENTION© and the fight against pollution for the survival of our planet. After having learnt that the ozone layer was disappearing gradually because of men’s ravages, causing the global warming with all noxious effects, we became aware of the extent of damages and their repercussions on us. Some anti pollution prevention measures between states take place. Governments introduce the sorting of wastes, and firms flourish in the recycling of different useless things. States ask us to make some efforts concerning energy serving, for example with water and electricity… These are new habits of life that we have taken with a completely wilful way. We have developed a determined will and a know-how as regards of fight against our planet pollution by a responsible behaviour.
Without our honest and determined will to want to preserve it, states are doomed to failure concerning the fight against the pollution because the involvement and the action of each of us is fundamental

It’s the same thing for our health. We pollute our body by the stress, the swallowing of too much food or toxics. We put ourselves’ life at risk because of exes speed on the road, or by not listening to our body who give us some warning signal like tiredness, pain, anxiety. The medical practice and the hospital become our sewerage plant, with a medical and health care worker profession picked up of the cleaning of the diseases that we contracted.

We waste our health carelessly because nowadays everybody has a minimum of knowledges regarding dangers able to affect our well-being thanks to compulsory schooling, news on TV... That way we contribute to the budget deficit of the country where we live. That’s an important stake for each country in the eyes of the increase of our life expectancy. We are going to live older, but in what state of health?

It’s time that each one of us starts his RESPONSIBLE HEALTH PREVENTION©. You don’t need to deprive you of life’s pleasures, but everybody has the ability to change his bad habits, his bad ways to do, alone or with family. The ways to do are passed from generation to generation. We are going to take the example of the teeth brushing: parents carefully watching over regular teeth brushing of their children have chances to have children who, when their time come, will transmit this education to their own family. It’s the same thing for the fact to take care of you and to be careful one does. That’s a habit you have to acquire.

In France, the computerised medical field has been introduced. It isn’t compulsory and the patient can have it destroyed to each moment. The person gives some medical information to the physician and that one are on a smart card. These can be checked by different health professionals. Only physicians, health care workers and some hospital’s staff that the card’s owner will choose in a first time, will able to have a direct access. This method could be considered like a progress in the management of a patient, but in the case of the RESPONSIBLE HEALTH PREVENTION©, the management of the person’s health will be transferred to a health professional. The medical and health care worker professions are very useful to inform you concerning health but not to act at your place concerning health prevention.

The passing on of information to the health care worker concerning your health is essential. But it’s up to you to organize this information, for you like to your relatives and if you need you can get some help from your family, your physician, or your nurse. That’s a RESPONSIBLE HEALTH PREVENTION© when you prepare this information, you update it, and you place it to the health care workers disposal, in case of emergency.

Like for our planet’s protection, you will be able to take some initiatives and find some hints to protect yourself, to save yourself, to maintain yourself in the best state of health as long as it’s possible.

In this book, we propose you an easy mean to work out your own health field that we called WEALYHIP ®. That’s a tool which will be useful to your own health monitoring. It will allow you to win the point with what is to do or what is to correct concerning health prevention for your well being.

It’s up to you, now!






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Estelle and Laurent MARGAINE present you theWEALYHIP, an international tool to preserve with fairness life and health of each of us.


The WEALYHIP is an individual file of health, elaborated by his owner with the family’s help information, his doctor, or his nurse.

 The WEALYHIP is composed of a sheet of synthesis ( medical, administrative and personal information), and specific documents (prescriptions, electrocardiogram…) being able to help preciously a medical team in case of emergency, or each physician who will be consulting for the first time by the patient.


The consultations in the emergencies department and the no programmed consultations (for example in case of health’s problem on vacations), are made with a physician who doesn’t know you.


The emergencies physicians, intervening or at home, or in the emergencies reception department, or still in SMURare frequently confronted with persons having heavy medical background historic. Too many times, these sick persons are:


  •    In the ability to tell information to the physician, but the given information can be only partial, even incorrect ;
  •    In the impossibility to supply to the physician some important documents : prescription, electrocardiogram, administrative documents ;
  •    In the inability to inform the physician (unconscious person, person having lost the intellectual abilities to make it, language barrier).


The management of a patient in case of emergency is often made without some very important health information:


  •   Treatment ;
  •   Medical and surgical histories ;
  •   Electrocardiogram …


This lack of information:


  •    Puts sometimes directly the health or the life of the person in danger ;
  •    Engenders wastes of time in the therapeutic management of a patient ;
  •    Increase the iatrogenic risks ;
  •    Can induce the no respect with the patient’s will ;
  •    Can generate conflicts with families ;
  •    Increase the care’s cost.


A computerized exemplary of the sheet of synthesis “Have a look on your health”© can be stored in your e-mail or your cellphone. Each of us can store the « Wealyhip » of our close family and transmitted it to the physician if necessary.


In order to offset this hindrance to the care, we are suggesting to you to build yourself a WEALYHIP.


Despite the evolution of computer technology, we chose to keep the paper for several reasons:


  •   To make equal everybody all generations, cultural and social backgrounds and different countries together ;
  •   To Provide emergency teams an always available support, doesn’t require a software tool (unavailable in some situations) ;
  •   To Fill manually the sheet of synthesis is easy to everybody ;
  •   To arrange his WEALYHIP in his bedside table becomes universal and medical data are available to rescue ;
  •   To keep a photocopy of the sheet of synthesis in our wallet is easy and practical.


Help to build a WEALYHIP set up for the medical and health staffs an act of secondary prevention and tertiary prevention. But beyond the prevention, the achievement of the WEALYHIP is a major stage to make easier the action of the emergency physicians. The physician and the nursing staff at home are, with the WEALYHIP, the first links of the help’s chain, but the very first element is becoming the person herself.


Let us call back that the WEALYHIP gives no priority to his holder in the emergencies departments. On the other hand, a valuation of his state of health can be more easily made, giving him a gain of unmistakable luck to be treated quickly and more effectively if his state requires it.


The self efficacy of the WEALYHIP will be increased by preparation’s rules, available and use common to all the countries, you can find them on:


We thus invite you to visit our website to make know that: