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Laurent MARGAINE is a Emergency physician; He is also graduated in Public health and health Promotion, as well as in medical law.
His practice of the emergency medicine in everyday life, is made in varied situations:
within a hospital emergency department, at home or on the scene within an accident or within an illness (Emergency Mobile Service and of Resuscitation).
Beyond the medical and surgical emergency, one of the characteristics of this profession is, contrary to the family physician, the emergency physician doesn’t know the person after whom he looks: her medical and surgical history, her lifestyle, the close relations to warn... In many situations, this lack of information is harmful for the person and the cares quality which are brought to her.

Estelle MARGAINE is professional of versatile health. Nurse with a large experience of the emergency medicine, she is an engineer in Health management – Social, and Jurist specialized in health law (postgraduate diploma). Since 2016, she develops coach's activity in prevention and health’s management while being : alternative practitioner in plantar reflexology, muscular relaxation and Dr Bach’s  flowers advisor.

Her knowledge of the emergency, paramedical and organizational medicine, allowed her to adapt the WEALYHIP®, as well for use of a potential patient (that’s to say everybody) as the different health emergency workers: ambulance drivers, firemen, paramedics, nurse and physicians.

Estelle and Laurent MARGAINE worked out an easy and cheap tool which allows to everybody to put at the disposal of health workers intervening in the emergency, all the important information concerning your health.
In case of emergency, the WEALYHIP® will be relieved by the various personals of the chain of the help with data transmission to the emergency physician, to optimize the quality and the efficiency of the care which will be given to you. By realizing from today your WEALYHIP®, you become the first link of your chain of the help.


With Estelle And Laurent Your Health IPreserved.

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